About Mark Harris

Marketing is about people which is why I clicked instantly with this industry and have never looked back.

Customers are at the heart of any business, and in Marketing, I have the privilege of listening and responding to them; their alignment with a company's culture and values, their needs and their desires.

And then there are the extraordinary people I work alongside. Marketing relies heavily upon teamwork - it’s a creative and dynamic space where you inspire each other and work collectively to move forward.

This environment fulfils my need for variety, customer impact and a strong sense of community.

My shift to Coaching

Twelve years ago, after working for start-ups, fast-growing enterprises and reputable corporate brands such as O2 and EDF Energy, I started coaching marketing to business owners.

My transition was sparked by several events and encouraged by a very good friend of mine, Simon Tyler. We had worked together at ICI, where my career in Marketing began. Ten years ago we reconnected, by which time Simon had become a Coach.

His career move inspired me to put my skills and experience towards something I really cared about: helping others realise their potential.

Best practice, best service

I now split my time between being a Coach, a Mentor and a Marketing Director for British & American companies through Marketing Boost. This means I never lose sight of what marketing a business feels like; what I teach is what I practice every week.

I work with many business owners and leaders, speakers, authors and holistic healers, including Olympic Rower Greg Searle, Lee Harris Corin Grillo and Angelika Maria Koch.

I’m also an associate member of the Association for Coaching, an accredited Business Athlete Coach, a Part-Time Marketing Director for The Marketing Centre and an Executive Coach for the Marketing Academy, where I have the pleasure of coaching the brightest young Marketing talent in the country.

Coaching encapsulates everything I enjoy most in my work:
  • I help my clients to rediscover the clarity and confidence they need to build momentum in their careers and personal life.
  • My first-hand marketing experience offers real-time insights to others.
  • I experience positive changes in the lives of the people I work with.
My coaching methods centre around my enjoyment of connecting people...
  • To their own resources to overcome growth challenges and embed self-development.
  • To others who can help them to flourish.
  • To the right customers to help their business maintain long-term success.

I deliver lasting sustainable growth in people and their businesses.

Is there a question I haven’t answered? Please get in touch - I’m more than happy to help you.

Client Feedback

Mark is the best!!! He is incredibly intuitive and somehow manages to help me ground, focus, and package my endless creative energy! He is an equally technical marketing strategist as he is an empathic energy coach that helps me get to the deep roots of the emotional barriers that are holding me back from access and sharing my true gifts.
My whole life, I have always felt that I was only creating a small amount compared to the immense creative potential I felt inside of my heart. Because of this, my creative ideas started to get more and more backed up over time, so accessing any one them became more and more difficult.
But then came Mark, and through his wise questioning and personalized marketing strategy, he slowly helped me lift the deep emotional barriers that have been blocking me from creating a business with my unique gifts. I can proudly say that I now have a clear vision of my business today and in the future! He has taken the time to understand the seeds of my creativity and has helped ME understand it better so I can utilize it more robustly. I can FINALLY put my creations into understandable offerings that I can clearly sell to a defined audience. With his help, I see that opening a successful personal business is not a risk as long as you have the right strategy and an honest understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. I am ready and excited more than ever to share my gifts while supporting myself financially with them! THANK YOU, MARK!!!!!

Darren Bartolo

"I first approached Mark because I wanted a website. Mark made me aware that having a website is simple, the magic is in creating a brand. We have worked together for many years since then and I have benefited from numerous ideas and gentle course corrections to help me build my brand and a successful business."

Greg Searle, MBE Olympic Champion and Executive Coach

“Mark's tactical “let’s get it done” attitude and strategic thinking is second to none. His marketing and business acumen, as well as years of experience in dealing with various industries have helped him develop a sharp instinct for what makes sense and what works. Throw him any problem and he will tackle it with great results."

Wilhelm Taht, Global VP, Rovio Games (Creators of Angry Birds)

“I thought I knew my business inside out after fifteen years of success. Mark gave me the skills to move it to the next level. I can honestly say it’s the best business decision I’ve made.”

Holly Small. Managing Director Holly Small Design

"Mark is simply a first-class marketing coach. He has a firm grasp of the challenges and opportunities facing modern marketers, and his open, patient and thought-provoking approach makes any time spent with him exceptionally valuable."

Dan Roche, Head of Marketing, KPMG

I have loved all my coaches but feel have made the biggest shifts & had the greatest insights with you.

Davinder Ojalla