Client Testimonials and Case Study

Client Testimonials

Mark is the best!!! He is incredibly intuitive and somehow manages to help me ground, focus, and package my endless creative energy! He is an equally technical marketing strategist as he is an empathic energy coach that helps me get to the deep roots of the emotional barriers that are holding me back from access and sharing my true gifts.

My whole life, I have always felt that I was only creating a small amount compared to the immense creative potential I felt inside of my heart. Because of this, my creative ideas started to get more and more backed up over time, so accessing any one them became more and more difficult. But, I always new that I was called to share my gifts “full-time” without the distractions of maintaining a day job.

As I started to plan my business, the backlog of my creative energy paired with the overwhelm of business logistics brought me to an emotional and physical barrier I could not cross. I started to feel that I would be forever trapped in my unrealised desires to help.

But then came Mark, and through his wise questioning and personalized marketing strategy, he slowly helped me lift the deep emotional barriers that have been blocking me from creating a business with my unique gifts. I can proudly say that I now have a clear vision of my business today and in the future! He has taken the time to understand the seeds of my creativity and has helped ME understand it better so I can utilize it more robustly. I can FINALLY put my creations into understandable offerings that I can clearly sell to a defined audience. With his help, I see that opening a successful personal business is not a risk as long as you have the right strategy and an honest understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. I am ready and excited more than ever to share my gifts while supporting myself financially with them! THANK YOU, MARK!!!!!

Greg Searle, MBE Olympic Champion and Executive Coach

"I first approached Mark because I wanted a website. Mark made me aware that having a website is simple, the magic is in creating a brand. We have worked together for many years since then and I have benefited from numerous ideas and gentle course corrections to help me build my brand and a successful business."

Hannah Flaherty, Venntro

"Before I worked with Mark, I knew what was important and what our marketing strategy should look like, but I didn't have the tools I needed to articulate this in a way that made sense to the rest of the business. Mark helped me to better communicate my ideas, demonstrate proof of concept and put together a marketing strategy in a clear and structured way.

Since I worked with Mark, I've gained confidence, taken on another more significant strategic project in my current role and have been able to better articulate my decisions to other teams."

Suzie Sharp, Key Change Training

“Mark mixes imagination, commercial savvy and an uncanny people perception. His creative nature relies upon his intuitive sensitivity coupled with extensive commercial experience, both of which give him the insight to uncover exactly what the business or the client needs.

Mark is able to perform a fine balancing act between creating a vision of what could be possible with the practical application of making those ideas work, customising the finer detail for the perfect fit. His effortless emotional rapport builds loyalty and strong relationships with both colleagues and clients, leaving no room to doubt his absolute commitment to deliver and his determination to succeed."

Dominic Pride, The Sound Horizon

"Mark helped me to make sure I was actually doing marketing, not neglecting it. He provided focused and incisive advice and gave support that I could put it into practice."

Holly Small

"I chose the GA process because I felt that my business needed some attention and a plan to grow into new markets and bigger markets. I was aware that I hadn’t spent the time I needed on my business.

I selected Mark as my coach because of his strong marketing background. I have found the process enjoyable, scary, exciting and overall very satisfying. 

Mark has helped me to look at my business more objectively and given me some excellent help in order to ensure each project is more profitable. The tools that I have come away with have been priceless and I refer to them regularly.

Mark always understood and related to where I was and how I was feeling. I can’t imagine going through the GA process with anyone else. Mark was perfect for me and my business and I would throughly recommend him to others and be happy to act as a reference for him."

Genna Meredith, Strategist, Digital Luxury Group

“I have learnt a lot from the way Mark works. I love his friendly, yet professional style. Mark was always doing more - asking more questions, coming up with additional ideas.

A good consultant succeeds by providing excellent customer service. Mark does just that, and then some. He explains what he is doing, why he is doing it and what to do next. He always has the best interest of the business first and is a pleasure to work with.”

Nick Boothroyd, Director of Talent Acquisition, Rank Group

“Mark is unique. A marketeer with a grasp on reality and a genuine interest in people, their business and what makes them interact. Approachable, sharp, incisive, responsive, proactive and knowledgeable – certainly a person to trust with your business and your challenges. 

Mark is transparent, diligent, insightful and is everything you want in a team. He combines technical know how, marketing instinct and purpose which he applies to anything thrown in his direction.

His calm, good humour and sound reason were a tonic across the board, from product to sales to creative partnerships.”

Dan Roche, Head of Marketing, KPMG

"I’ll always remember the offsite day in London, it made a huge difference to me. Mark is simply a first-class marketing coach. He has a firm grasp of the challenges and opportunities facing modern marketers, and his open, patient and thought-provoking approach makes any time spent with him exceptionally valuable."

Anne-Lise Johnsen Robb, Senior Manager, Global Youth Marketing at Chelsea Football Club

"During my time at the Marketing Academy Mark was my coach. Before this I had never been coached, and not only was it an eye opening experience but he was my rock throughout. 

Mark has a gentle challenging nature, is an exceptional listener and really knows how to get the best out of people.

He coached out a significant change in me, and made me truly believe in myself. I can wholeheartedly recommend him and I am proud of having him in my close network."

Video Testimonial

Case Study - Azzuri Communications

Marketing Coaching for Azzurri Communications now part of Maintel

Mark was invited to coach Azzuri’s Head of Marketing and each of her marketing team of five staff. Our client needed coaching to support the creation of a Marketing Plan and Personal Development Plan.

Mark worked with the client and her team over a 4-month period, covering strategic planning, social media workshops and team performance coaching. The client grew into a senior position of authority and earned a Marketing Director role within 6 months of the coaching.

Client names have been removed to retain confidentiality.

Senior Head of Marketing - Azzurri

“As a coach, Mark is extraordinarily good at listening and guiding conversation to help an individual identify their own challenges and solutions. His positive (and relentless!) way of ‘unpicking’ things leads to self-awareness and self-empowerment.

Mark’s objective and open sessions with my people have helped me understand individuals and team dynamics better, and identified characteristics that can be developed and combined to strengthen the team’s structure and goals.

From a personal perspective, after working with Mark I’ve enjoyed tactical results – including the confidence to deliver a presentation to 300 people – as well as validation of my own strategic focus, and renewed clarity of vision. It’s been a positive and rewarding experience working with Mark – for both me and my team.”

PR Manager - Azzurri

“Now I have a lot more clarity in what I want to do and achieve both short and long term. I also feel a lot more self-confident and have more value for what I have to offer.

I specifically took away structure and clarity from Mark’s coaching. Through putting into action his suggestions and advice I began to see positive results which then gave me confidence to keep expanding in this way. My actions now have purpose and strategy whereas before I would rush around doing lots of things without a solid root. Having someone who is on your side and encourages you consistently can make a big difference and it has to me. Mark’s style of coaching has fitted perfectly into my work and how I function.

I’d like to say a big Thank you Mark, for your guidance, consistency, knowledge, encouragement and belief. I think that says it all for me!”

Channel Marketing Manager - Azzurri

“I really enjoyed the day I spent with you, you are one of the most personable people I have met and made me feel at ease and secure so I was able to be completely open and honest about my feelings. I felt it was really helpful working on the visions and made me look at things in a different way and feel I have to get the confidence to stand up for myself at work.

I took away a feeling that it is actually possible to change a situation that you feel is unchangeable. I gained clarity on some of my actions and behaviours and can use this knowledge to change how I deal with situations in future. I feel like you’ve given me some tools to work with to make things better for myself.”

Marketing Communications Manager – Azzurri

“I really enjoyed the day and found it very valuable and insightful from a business and personal viewpoint. Your open, patient and thought-provoking approach was challenging without being draining!

I took away a clearer view of my short and medium term personal and business goals; a framework to use to establish what is going to achieve results (the three step exercise); a more rounded view of what social media can achieve for B2B firms and help on how to progress a plan and insight into personal branding/networking.

I would definitely be keen to meet on a regular basis moving forward as I can see how your skills would help me in my career development.”