Coaching for Healers, Creatives and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

You might be here because...

  • You have a desire to change lives for the better but you’re not sure how to reach your audience
  • Your message is already making a difference but you want to reach more people
  • You're doing powerful work but struggling from burnout, lack of self-belief or money issues
  • You're running a business and realise that you don't need to or can’t do it alone
  • You’re already successful and you want help in taking your business to the next level
  • You've dabbled in Marketing but lack the results your business deserves
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the Marketing options and need a personalised map to growth
  • You’ve been playing small and need support to help you to Grow Your Business

If any of the above sounds like your situation, then you have come to the right place!

Let's work together to help you grow and bring out the best in you and your business. We'll break down the myths of marketing, identify the direction and customers that suit you and create a simple plan of action to grow your business.

I’ve been helping Lee and his community to grow their businesses for many years and really enjoy working with healers, intuitive and spiritual teachers, creatives and entrepreneurs.

Client Feedback

"Over the years, my brother has helped me and many in my community grow and take their business on to new levels.

Mark is a brilliant motivator, so he's great when you doubt yourself or your abilities, but he's also very intuitive and highly skilled at understanding the need to create structure and strategy around the work you offer, but in a way that feels true to you.

Not only that, he helps you find renewed passion and excitement for what you do.

My company and work in the world would not be what it is today if Mark hadn't been a crucial advisor, guide and support to me at a pivotal time."

Lee Harris,
Intuitive Guide and Channeler, Musician, Author of bestseller ENERGY SPEAKS and Company Leader 

"I am now running a multi six-figure business - I was not multi six-figures before I met Mark Harris

Not only did Mark help me simplify my processes and see the gaps and holes in my business; he helped me face my fears.

For anybody who needs support, Mark is a very practical, straightforward dude and he is also extremely intuitive, so can help you navigate some interesting waters for yourself."

Corin Grillo
Author of bestseller THE ANGEL EXPERIMENT, Psychotherapist, Teacher and Speaker

Benefits of Business Coaching

  • It helps you to expand existing ideas and build simple and proven marketing plans
  • We create the plan together to suit exactly where you are right now
  • Keeps you focused and thinking strategically about your products and business
  • Addresses any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back
  • Develops your marketing expertise to help you make smarter decisions
  • Sparks inspiration for creativity and innovation
  • Allows you to feel more confident and supported to Grow your Business

Business Growth Coaching Packages

Option 1 - SPARK Session

Special Offer: US$360
£299 (inc vat)

Normal Price: $429

Duration: 60-minute individual session

This focused session will ignite your creativity and help you gain clarity about your ideas and next steps.

Before our session, I will email you and ask for a brief overview of your business and your goals. This way, when we come to start our session together, I will already be bringing ideas to you and we can make the most of our time!

Together, we will put your business aspirations under the spotlight by focusing on these three areas:

  • Defining success for you and your business
  • Identifying any hurdles
  • Creating a simple plan for success and kickstarting your thoughts into actions

Option 2 - BOOST Programme

Special Offer: US$1026
£850 (inc vat)

Normal Price: $1270

Duration: 3 sessions of 60 minutes each plus email support outside sessions

This mentoring programme will help you to get clear, map out a plan and take action whilst being supported along the way.

Establish the potential or your niche, think more strategically about your business and formulate a marketing plan to drive sustainable growth.

During these three 1-2-1 intensive and personalised sessions you will:

  • Define your intention, purpose and success for your business
  • Identify your ideal clients and move into action with smart tactics
  • Find your focus and identify the right connections to boost you forward
  • Create a simple customised plan for growth that will kickstart your thoughts into actions

Option 3 - IGNITE Strategy

Special Offer: US$1992
£1650 (inc vat)

Normal Price: $2400

Duration: 6 sessions of 60 minutes each plus email support outside of sessions

I'll be by your side for up to 6 months, as we work through the following steps to shift your business up to a higher level

Achieve your business aims and build your future foundations;

Stage 1: BASELINE MISSION Discovery & direction - setting your strategic vision

Stage 2: PEAK PERFORMANCE Prioritising your biggest impacts

Stage 3: CONNECTING & LEADING Personality, personas & your people

Stage 4: CRAFTING YOUR OFFER Perfecting your pitch, proposition, products & packages

Stage 5: MARKETING BOOST Places, promotions & partnerships

Stage 6: BEING BRILLIANT Performance time = content, campaigns and commitment

You are needed and now is your time, so let's help you Grow your Business!

About Mark Harris

Mark is a Growth Coach and Mentor who works with business owners, creatives, spiritual teachers, therapists, and holistic healers worldwide.

For the past 14 years, Mark has been able to apply his skills and experience towards something he really cares about helping others realise their potential and grow their business.

It's not just all about your business though, Mark also wants to help you to grow personally too, and is in his final year of a 3-year Transpersonal Coaching course.

Having spent over 25 years in the corporate marketing world, Mark is now a Growth Strategist and Part-time Marketing Director with The Marketing Centre and an Executive Coach at The Marketing Academy.

Client Video Testimonials

Client Feedback

"Thank you so much for the great session, I loved it! We were able to turn my work into something that I feel good about and I hadn't thought that it could be so simple. 🙂

Being so tuned into energy, I really liked your soft energy and your attentiveness.
I can recommend you to everybody who feels stuck, overworked, or want to change something but don't know how."

Christiane from the Lee Harris Energy Community

“I thought I knew my business inside out after fifteen years of success.
Mark gave me the skills to move it to the next level.
I can honestly say it’s the best business decision I’ve made.”

Holly Small. Managing Director Holly Small Design

"I first approached Mark because I wanted a website. Mark made me aware that having a website is simple, the magic is in creating a brand. We have worked together for many years since then and I have benefited from numerous ideas and gentle course corrections to help me build my brand and a successful business."

Greg Searle MBE - Olympic Champion, Author and Executive Coach

"Mark is simply a first-class marketing coach. He has a firm grasp of the challenges and opportunities facing modern marketers, and his open, patient and thought-provoking approach makes any time spent with him exceptionally valuable."

Dan Roche, Head of Marketing, KPMG

“Mark's tactical “let’s get it done” attitude and strategic thinking is second to none. His marketing and business acumen, as well as years of experience in dealing with various industries have helped him develop a sharp instinct for what makes sense and what works. Throw him any problem and he will tackle it with great results."

Wilhelm Taht, Global VP, Rovio Games (Creators of Angry Birds)