How Technology Can Help You Win and Serve Your Coaching Clients

How Technology Can Help You Win and Serve Your Coaching Clients

Discover how to use tech to help you run your business and free up more time for you to coach clients.

In this article we cover the following topics:

1. The four stages of client engagement
2. How technology can help you win and serve your clients

The four stages of client engagement

How Technology Can Help You Win and Serve Your Coaching Clients

These are the four stages of client engagement, and we want to cover the ‘winning’ and ‘serving’ stages and how technology can support them.

For the ‘winning’ stage, think about how you convert prospects into clients and productise your offering. For the ‘serving’ stage, think about how you connect with your clients and ensure they have a positive customer experience on your platform and digital channels.

In each stage, there are multiple aspects to consider such as the information you put on your website, how you schedule sessions, how you converse with your clients and even how you do your invoicing. All of these things take time but must be thought about because each touch point has an effect on prospects and clients and their experience of working with you.

To help, there are some very good ‘one-stop shop’ coaching platforms that have been developed in recent years, including platforms like Delenta, Podia,, and eHuddle.

And while it can feel overwhelming to decide which platform is right for you, there are even tools for that. A website I often recommend is called as it allows you to compare technology platforms and can help you to decide which one is right for your needs and budget.

How technology can help you serve your clients

While most coaches enter the profession because they enjoy helping people, to run a successful coaching business you need to do more than just coach. You also need to generate leads, issue invoices, schedule sessions, set goals and track your progress.

Choosing the right platform can help you do all this and free up your time to do more of what you love to do – coach.

One of the platforms I particularly like, Delenta, not only has great capability of its own, but it also integrates with many of the other technology providers you may already be using such as Paypal, Stripe, Mailchimp, Zoom and Outlook.

Platforms like this can help to reduce the time you spend on administration, sales, finance and many more tasks.


Don’t aim for perfection

It’s important to stress that when adopting more technology, you may not get it right first time and it’s likely that you’ll try platforms that don’t end up working for you. But with technology constantly evolving and improving, with some trial and error you will find solutions to help you.

If you’re nervous to take on an all-in-one solution like Delenta from the beginning, it can be useful to consider which administration tasks feel the most laborious and take the most time. Look for a technology solution that can help with those tasks. Over time you will refine your solutions, work out how to integrate them, and before you know it you will be running your business more efficiently and with fewer hours spent on admin.


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