Marketing Coaching

You might be here because...

  • You’re a business owner who thinks that marketing is a dark art
  • You have a solid grasp of the subject but time and change have made you feel out of touch
  • You’re leading a marketing team and need a fresh perspective from a specialist

The Marketing coaching I can offer you will:

  • Help you to expand existing ideas and build new strategies
  • Keep you focused and thinking strategically about your business
  • Challenge any limiting beliefs you might have about your capabilities
  • Develop your marketing expertise to make smart decisions
  • Provide inspiration for creativity and innovation
  • Allow you to feel more confident and supported

Your Marketing Coaching Options:

There are three programmes to choose from depending on your needs.

Business Growth Coaching Packages

Option 1 - Spark Session

Duration: 60-minute individual session

This focused session will ignite your creativity and help you gain clarity about your ideas and next steps.

Together, we will put your business aspirations under the spotlight by focusing on these three areas:

  • Defining success for you and your business
  • Identifying any hurdles
  • Creating a simple plan for success and kickstarting your thoughts into actions

Option 2 - Booster Programme

Duration: 3 sessions of 60-minutes each plus email support outside of sessions

This mentoring programme will help you to get clear, map out a plan and take action whilst being supported along the way.

Establish the potential or your niche, think more strategically about your business and formulate a marketing plan to drive sustainable growth.

During these three 1-2-1 intensive and personalised sessions you will:

  • Define your intention, purpose and success for your business
  • Identify your ideal clients and move into action with smart tactics
  • Find your focus and identify the right connections to boost you forward
  • Create a simple customised plan for growth that will kickstart your thoughts into actions

Option 3 - Breakthrough

Duration: 6 sessions of 60-minutes each plus email support outside of sessions

I'll be by your side for up to 6 months, as we work through the following steps to shift your business up to a higher level

Achieve your business aims and build your future foundations;

Stage 1: BASELINE MISSION Discovery & direction - setting your strategic vision

Stage 2: PEAK PERFORMANCE Prioritising your biggest impacts

Stage 3: CONNECTING & LEADING Personality, personas & your people

Stage 4: CRAFTING YOUR OFFER Perfecting your pitch, proposition, products & packages

Stage 5: MARKETING BOOST Places, promotions & partnerships

Stage 6: BEING BRILLIANT Performance time = content, campaigns and commitment

Where do sessions take place?

Each Marketing coaching session usually takes place on the phone or Zoom.

Face-to-face sessions can be arranged on request.

Need a package adapting to fit your specific needs? Please email me or book your 30min introductory call below.

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Client Feedback

Mark is the best!!! He is incredibly intuitive and somehow manages to help me ground, focus, and package my endless creative energy! He is an equally technical marketing strategist as he is an empathic energy coach that helps me get to the deep roots of the emotional barriers that are holding me back from access and sharing my true gifts.
My whole life, I have always felt that I was only creating a small amount compared to the immense creative potential I felt inside of my heart. Because of this, my creative ideas started to get more and more backed up over time, so accessing any one them became more and more difficult.
But then came Mark, and through his wise questioning and personalized marketing strategy, he slowly helped me lift the deep emotional barriers that have been blocking me from creating a business with my unique gifts. I can proudly say that I now have a clear vision of my business today and in the future! He has taken the time to understand the seeds of my creativity and has helped ME understand it better so I can utilize it more robustly. I can FINALLY put my creations into understandable offerings that I can clearly sell to a defined audience. With his help, I see that opening a successful personal business is not a risk as long as you have the right strategy and an honest understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. I am ready and excited more than ever to share my gifts while supporting myself financially with them! THANK YOU, MARK!!!!!

Darren Bartolo

"I first approached Mark because I wanted a website. Mark made me aware that having a website is simple, the magic is in creating a brand. We have worked together for many years since then and I have benefited from numerous ideas and gentle course corrections to help me build my brand and a successful business."

Greg Searle, MBE Olympic Champion and Executive Coach

“Mark's tactical “let’s get it done” attitude and strategic thinking is second to none. His marketing and business acumen, as well as years of experience in dealing with various industries have helped him develop a sharp instinct for what makes sense and what works. Throw him any problem and he will tackle it with great results."

Wilhelm Taht, Global VP, Rovio Games (Creators of Angry Birds)

“I thought I knew my business inside out after fifteen years of success. Mark gave me the skills to move it to the next level. I can honestly say it’s the best business decision I’ve made.”

Holly Small. Managing Director Holly Small Design

"Mark is simply a first-class marketing coach. He has a firm grasp of the challenges and opportunities facing modern marketers, and his open, patient and thought-provoking approach makes any time spent with him exceptionally valuable."

Dan Roche, Head of Marketing, KPMG

I have loved all my coaches but feel have made the biggest shifts & had the greatest insights with you.

Davinder Ojalla

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