Part-time Marketing Director

I've continued to keep my Marketing skills and knowledge up to speed by working as a part-time Marketing Director for local SME businesses. I am one of 10 Directors in the Thames Valley who work through The Marketing Centre.

By working on a part-time basis I can make a real impact at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource of this calibre.

So what can senior-level marketing do for local businesses that want to grow?

Just some of the areas that I can get involved in include:

  • Marketing Strategy: Development & Execution
  • Marketing Due Diligence
  • Marketing 360 Healthcheck & Prioritisation for your business
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Sales Process & Pipeline Development
  • Brand building & positioning
  • Implementation of Marketing Technology
  • Events & Product Marketing
  • Digital & Social Marketing
  • Customer Demand Creation
  • Market Entry & Internationalisation
  • Building & Mentoring Marketing Teams
  • Distribution & Channel marketing
  • Sales & Marketing Optimisation
  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Brand Engagement
  • Media Relations
  • Public Relations

What Can you Expect?

  • A step change in your business – you can expect to see results quickly
  • An experienced strategic marketing professional with proven business success
  • To have your own in-house Marketing Director – yes, but also access to the full team and all of their 
combined experience and knowledge
  • A low risk solution – there is no red tape or lengthy tie-in, you control the time commitment
  • Clear ROI – you’ll see value demonstrated quickly, with measurements put in place from day one
  • The most amazing shared Little Black Book of tried and trusted designers, SEO and other suppliers – and the power to negotiate hard to get the best deals for you
  • A Marketing Director who gets stuff done and isn’t afraid to roll their sleeves up and get stuck-in
  • A key part of your senior in-house team – with you for the long-haul to do what it 
takes to achieve your goals
  • An experienced mentor who can develop your existing team and pass on their marketing knowledge
  • There’s no recruitment fee, NI, sick pay, or holiday to take into account when you work with The Marketing Centre
  • All this at a fraction of the cost of a full time Marketing Director of this calibre

If you'd like to find out more about the benefits of working with a Part Time Marketing Director and how I can help please get in touch, email or call 0845 521 0888

"Mark helped us redesign and launch our web site and we are now drawing on his marketing expertise in the area of digital marketing to develop new products and services. We are particularly pleased with our web site One of our most valued clients recently said of it, “What I like about your site is that it’s written in just the same way you talk”.  Clearly this means we’ve pitched our copy to convey our core values but it also suggests we’ve captured our character and brought an important “human” element to our on-line presence. Finally, it never ceases to amaze us how many people Mark networks with. He has the unique ability to put us in front of people whose products and services might suit our clients and vice versa."

Darren Atkin,

"It was the relaxed conversations, your input based on your own experiences, your enthusiasm of running your own business and then to help small businesses dealing with a lot of the same problems as you do and most of your customers.  Everything you said made perfect sense and it's not that I don't know any of it it's more like an eye opener and to get input on how to find one of the most important aspects of running a small business - FOCUS!!"

Kyrre Haugen, Pro Plan International

“Mark helped us to develop a new corporate website and marketing strategy. We are extremelyimpressed with Mark’s commercial know-how, his ideas, creativity and vision for the Company and his ability to take charge of several projects and see them through to completion on time and onbudget. Mark has a fantastic ability to build positive working relationships with those around him. Atthe same time, he is not shy of rolling up his sleeves and leading by example. A real pleasure to work with.”

Mark White, Chairman & COO, SEKO Logistics

“Mark is one of the Good Guys. He is the first man over the top. He is the last man standing. He is the Cavalry. Transparent, diligent, insightful, charming…He is everything you want in a team. He combines technical knowhow, marketing instinct and purpose which he applies to anything thrown in his direction. While I worked with Mark for only 2 years on and off, his calm, good humour and sound reason were a tonic across the board, from product to sales to creative partnerships.”

James Scroggs, Strategy Consultant, House of Opportunity

“Mark’s expertise is in assessing, communicating and refining your organisation’s customer experience. He has an inate ability to marry the needs of your varied user groups with the commercial requirements of your business, as well as to integrate community, ethical and CSR objectives. By ensuring that your brand marketing, operations and technical teams are focused on what the customer really wants, and that your online and offline behaviours are matched, Mark ensures your target audience is engaged… and ultimately of course, that sales are increased.”

Kit Ruparel, CTO, Recordsure

“Mark's tactical “let’s get it done” attitude and strategic thinking is second to none. His marketing and business acumen, as well as years of experience in dealing with various industries have helped him develop a sharp instinct for what makes sense and what works. Throw him any problem and he will tackle it with great results. Highly recommended!”

Wilhelm Taht, Global Marketing Director, Angry Birds (Rovio Finland)

“Marketing Boost has helped us to identify and develop new business opportunities in the UK and localise our Product and Marketing offer. His market knowledge and strong network of connections is helping to shape our thinking, develop our own partner network and continue to grow our presence in the UK.”

Ville Osterlund, Managing Director,

“Mark’s creative nature relies upon his intuitive sensitivity coupled with extensive commercial experience, both of which give him the insight to uncover exactly what the business or the client needs. Mark is able to perform a fine balancing act between creating a vision of what could be possible with the practical application of making those ideas work, customising the finer detail for the perfect fit. His effortless emotional rapport builds loyalty and strong relationships with both colleagues and clients, leaving no room to doubt his absolute commitment to deliver and his determination to succeed.”

Suzie Sharpe, Key Change Training